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    Welcome to the website of Maine Coon Cattery DAS



Bafin and his next generation Tom Cats by Maine Coon Cattery DAS

Welcome to the website of Maine Coon Cattery DAS

With our website Cattery DAS we like to convey :

* Emotion *  having Maine Coons

* Info *  breeding and acquiring a good quality Maine Coon cat

We hope you will enjoy both

Since man has no longer the opportunity to live in our nature, the only possibility that remains,  is to bring nature to himself. And what is a better way then taking a Maine Coon into your home, to be carried away by his/her behavior, deportment and wonderful appearance of this still standing close to nature and most domesticated cat breed we know!


Therefor we: “Wim” en “Door”, owners of Main Coon Cattery D.A.S. would like to help you with your choice.  By a careful focused selection of our tomcats and cats, creating the best natural environment, we endeavor to breed kittens who will do justice to their distant ancestors as much as possible towards their caracter, growth and health.

Obvious all our cats are tested for genetic defects as well as for HCM, PL, PKD, FELV-FIV and SMA. They will be regularly dewormed, vaccinated annually and under continuous control of our vet.

With the utmost care we offer our tomcats and cats the opportunity to expend their families, in the hope these kittens will conquer your heart. On this website we proudly like to present all our Main Coons to you.  If you are affected by their looks on our pictures, interested in their lifecycle or even a possible future in your everyday live, we are more then happy to hear from you

By Wim and Door, owners of Maine Coon Cattery DAS



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